"I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I was in the fifth year of the Dutch primary school. [..] It was then that I found out that my own brain did not cope with such detailed stories about the human body. So for a short moment the light went literally out. It only lasted a split second as I woke up from feeling pain. When I fainted I fell over to the side of my classmate, whose chair legs were apparently broken, so I hit the edge of the curved metal with my head. [...] It healed fine and there is no real visible scar, except for that the skin above my eye hangs down a bit. Since then I have one eye that is always sad, no matter how I try to smile in the mirror."

The master thesis I wrote during my last year at the Master Contemporary Arts Practice, Bern (CH) consists of elements that are a big part of my practice as an artist. They are my muses, constant reminders and the things that have impacted my life. The different elements are made visible by the use of various types of paper, creating a tiny notebook containing a collage of thoughts. Themes that are included range from personal stories to research compiled into fake encyclopedia pages, quotes and visual imagery.